Boronmax Internal Combustion Engines

BORTEK Bor Teknolojileri ve Mekatronik San. Tic. A.Ş.

Boronmax Internal Combustion Engines

Boronmax ® for internal combustion engines

Boronmax ® for internal combustion engines is categorized according to engine oil volume

Boronmax 4 for passenger cars which use 4L oils.

Boronmax 8 for pickup trucks and tractors which use 8L oils

Boronmax 12 for trucks and buses which use 12L oils  

The Benefits of Boronmax ® engine oil additive depending on driving style (with data obtained from customer feedback) as follows:

Up to 10% fuel saving on diesel and gasoline

Up to 20% fuel saving on LPG

Increases engine performance up to 10%

Helps engine oil to cool

Allows engine to run more quietly

Extends the lifespan of engine oil

Decreases emissions