Oral Health Care Product

Dental plaque is a bio-film that forms naturally on the surface of exposed teeth and other areas of the oral cavity. Uncontrolled, this biofilm can easily reach a thickness of hundreds of cells on the surface of the teeth.

Although there are many chemo-therapeutic agents, preventive measures for dental plaque formation are not efficacious. A number of these solutions are not effective on dental plaque formation; for example, sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride. Antiplaque oral rinses that contain chlorhexidine gluconate have unwanted side effects and cause tooth discoloration and occasional loss of taste. Despite all of the currently available products, a lack of truly efficacious therapeutic options has continued to drive the quest for novel anti-biofilm methodologies.

BORTEK has been working on preventing dental plaque since 2012, and has successfully developed a disruptive solution, GMPADENT®. Bortek's innovative solution precludes biofilm formation because it inhibits bacteria adherence on teeth and also prevents biofilm growth by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Our Value Proposition is based on these benefits and ‘Bortek's solution not only inhibits biofilm growth, but also prevents the adherence of bacteria on teeth’. As a result, it is an efficacious and innovative therapy for anti-biofilm methodologies. GMPADENT® is patent pending product.