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Cream for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a long-term chronic disease characterized by a deterioration of cartilage in the joints. With the progression of OA, bones begin to rub against each other creating stiffness, pain, and impaired movement. OA prevents large numbers of people from being fully active members of society.

BORTEK® has developed the innovative KnfleX® cream for improving the health of OA sufferers. KnfleX® cream lubricates the OA area permanently and contributes to the easy movement of knee joints with damaged cartilage caused by OA. The certification process of the product is continuing and  information about the process can be obtained  from .  KnfleX is a patent pending product.

BORTEK has received a  ‘Seal of Excellence’ from EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 with the KnfleX Project.